Repair Services


Complete analysis of your current software and hardware. We will troubleshoot your computer and offer recommendations to resolve any problems found. 


Data Back Up & Transfer

On Demand IT Services

Have a new computer and want your data transferred?  We will safely and securely retrieve all of your pictures, documents, and music files from your old computer and move it to your new one.  

Need help with data backup?  We can recommend a backup disk and set up a scheduled backup.  You can choose from many sized storage devices as well as cloud storage to safeguard your files from accidental deletion, hard disk failure, and virus infections, including ransomware.


Software Repair

We will remove any virus infection detected and repair Windows / Mac OS.  This repair includes the reinstallation of the operating system if necessary.  Your data will always be backed up before any repair attempt is made.


Hardware repair

We can repair most hardware issues and includes DC power jack replacement, keyboard replacement, hard drive replacement, fan cleaning, hinge repairs, LCD screen replacement, and more.


Data recovery

Do you have a failed hard drive or need to recover critical data from a failed device?  We can retrieve most data in house.  For more complex recovery scenarios we can send the device to one of our data recovery partners.


We’ll come to you

Schedule Gigatek to perform services in your office or in your home.  We can perform software and some hardware repairs on site.  Contact us today for more information.