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Our Remote & Local Support Services Are Unmatched


One thing no one likes is having to leave a voicemail or a call back number. Our helpdesk solves that. Just send an email to create a support ticket, and both your primary and secondary reps are contacted. You also receive a tracking number, where you can check the status and be notified on all updates.


Your request reaches us automatically.

All Gigatek reps carry mobiles with email access. Our helpdesk system automatically sends alerts direct to techs when you create or update your tickets.


Contacting us is always the same.

You don’t need to keep track of our schedules. If your primary rep is out of the office, your method to contact us is still the same. We automatically slide over your secondary rep to primary status, so you can rest assured knowing that your request reaches us.


Remote access saves you, and saves us too.

Remote access lets us get to you when we would otherwise be completely out of touch, be it in a client’s office waiting for a task to complete, or when on the road, out of state, or even out of the country. And we can get to you much faster than someone having to drive to your office. Plus, there are no driving fees. And the environment likes that too.


We’re all on the same page.

We log all our activity for your requests in our case notes. What this does is let all our of support reps be in the know when you create or update a ticket, and at any point in time, another rep can jump in and help out. Plus, you can review your case history at any time.